New Mexico “The Land of Enchantment”

Hi peeps! We just returned from a trip to New Mexico! I can’t even begin to explain how amazing our trip was. INuevo Mexico usually go home about 1-2 times a year and each time I visit, I fall more in love with my home. It certainly takes your breath away. This trip was no different. We initially planned this trip to attend my best friend’s wedding, then of course many things were planned along the way. I haven’t been home during the summer in a long time and I was super excited to show my beau how beautiful and green New Mexico gets during these months. We’re usually home during the holidays when it’s cold and all the leaves have fallen. It’s difficult to enjoy the outdoors when our Florida bodies are shivering ;) Nonetheless, we always make the most of it!

New Mexico is a beautiful state located in the Southwest. The sunsets are gorgeous, it’s rich in culture, people are super friendly, and of course, the food is incredible! New Mexico is on the bucket list for many people. We (because I still consider myself a New Mexican despite my residency) have an array of events that occur throughout the year that attract people from all over the world to visit and partake in. The biggest event of the year is the Balloon Fiesta held in Albuquerque, which happens to be my hometown. Hot air balloons galore! It is such an awesome event. I attended the 43rd Balloon Fiesta last year with my family and Omer. There were about 848,393 visitors last year. How awesome is that!? You can read the stats here. This is by far my favorite childhood memory and I hope to attend again soon. Below are some photos from last year.

Balloon Fiesta 2014   Balloon Fiesta 2014 Balloon Fiesta 2014   Balloon Fiesta 2014 Balloon Fiesta 2014

So back to our most recent trip. I was asked to be a part of my best friend’s wedding and I couldn’t have been more excited to be a bridesmaid. It was an incredibly beautiful wedding, full of love and laughter. We danced the night away and reminisced with people we haven’t seen in years. It was like a reunion for some of the guests. The wedding was held in Santa Fe. The ceremony was in the St. Francis Cathedral and afterwards we all walked over for dinner and dancing on the terrace at La Fonda. It was definitely a memorable wedding. Plus, I caught the bouquet so that’s always fun!

The Roccas   The Roccas

Bouquet  Mama & Me The Roccas   Omer & Me

image2-7   image1-14

Drinks @ Coyote Cafe & Cantina   Brunch @ The Pink Adobe

After the wedding extravaganza, we hopped around Santa Fe for a bit and had brunch at our favorite dog friendly restaurant, The Pink Adobe. The food is super yummy and their patio is beautiful. It was a fun and exciting weekend spent with friends and family!

Later that evening was my big sister’s baby shower. This is little girl number two for our family. I was able to hang out with a bunch of ladies I haven’t seen in some time. We had a blast! The cake was made by my aunt and it was delicious. I wish my cakes came out that fancy. I probably had about 4 slices of cake, but shhh don’t tell anyone.

Baby Shower   Baby Shower

We were in New Mexico for 8 days total. That’s not enough time to check everything out and visit with all of my family and friends, but we made the most of it. We’ll be back in December for Christmas and I’m already counting the days. We visited our favorite breakfast joint, The Frontier. I practiced yoga with my mom and grandmother. My niece showed me her newest obsession, Shopkins. I guess little toys are back in style! We went over to my dad’s house and played pool. He lives in this small town called Peralta. There are lots of farms with horses, cows, and chickens. I love it! I feel like a tourist every time I come home. I must really miss it.

The Frontier   University Area

La Cumbre Brewery   Pool @ Dad's

I promised Omer that we’d take him hiking, which we did on our last day. We spent the entire day in the Jemez mountains. It was beautiful and so calming. The sound of birds singing and cold water running through the river, the laughter of my niece playing on the hammock, my grandmother snuggling with William, my mom preparing her famous salsa, my step-dad making sure my veggies were cooked first, Omer making sure our watermelon didn’t wash away in the river, everything was perfect that day. After lunch, we hiked up to a waterfall that I had never been to before. It was small, but so beautiful. My niece jumped into the small pond upon arrival. William accidentally jumped in too! We spent some time there admiring nature’s beauty, snapping lots of photos, and cooling down in the water. When we returned to our camp, we played my favorite childhood game, Loteria. It’s basically Mexican bingo, but way more fun! This was the best way to end our short trip.

Side Crane in Jemez   Jemez Waterfall

Mama & WilliamBattleship Rock JemezLoteria Game

Family Pic Jemez Waterfall   King Dancer

IMG_5540   IMG_5649

King Dancer   Jemez River

New Mexico “The Land of Enchantment” – That’s what they say and I truly believe it. I moved away about 6 years ago, and I miss it everyday. One day I’ll be back, but until then, I will visit as often as I can and indulge in all of the culture and food. We also stock up on red and green chile each time we visit. There’s nothing better than spicy New Mexican food! You guys, seriously, New Mexico is a must! Make sure to jot it down on your bucket list and let me know if you need any pointers :)

☮ Nydia


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