A “Spring” in my step!

It’s March ladies and gentleman, and we all know what that means! It means that the birds are chirping, the sun is out longer, flowers are blooming, the spring break madness is upon us, and we may want to indulge in a margarita or two. It’s almost Spring! Yes, I love this time of year! Not so much the allergies that come with it, but that’s nothing to worry about. What I am most excited about is our garden. My boyfriend and I have a small herb garden along with a few fruit trees. Our rosemary and mint plants survived our “freezing” winter and our chili plants are still holding strong. I grew another small aloe vera plant too! Our key lime tree is looking great and should be flowering soon. We will attempt to grow tomatoes again this year. Any tips for successful tomato growth? Below are a couple of photos of the mint that has grown all around the garden. I love picking a few sprigs and making tea in the morning.



Another great herb we like to grow each season is basil. A few weeks ago we purchased fresh basil from our grocery store to make bruschetta. We removed the leaves for our dinner, then we placed the stem in a long glass with water. We refilled the glass with water a few times over the course of about 3 weeks and just this weekend I noticed that roots had sprouted long enough to plant in our garden. As you can see, small leaves have already begun to grow as well as flowers. This method is great if you have a garden or just want to grow a few herbs in your kitchen or patio. My mom grew lettuce this way along with other fruits. You can also do it by keeping seeds moist until they begin to sprout roots. It’s a pretty great way of “recycling” your fruits and veggies :) Try it!


I’m also really stoked about our loquat tree! What in the world is a loquat, right? That’s what I said. We moved into our beach house almost two years ago and there was a tall loquat tree already in the yard. Loquat season usually ends in March, so I had to wait almost a year to taste one of these little fruits because we moved in June! Also, last winter was harsh for Florida, which resulted in all but five loquats freezing. Luckily we were able to eat four of them and one lucky bird took the other. This year, the tree is FULL of baby loquats! I am already researching yummy jam recipes :)

Loquat Tree Loquats

Besides gardening and enjoying lush fruits and veggies this Spring, I am looking forward to lots of bike rides, picnics, and beach days! We have our usual beach route that is about 3 miles each way and William tags along by riding around in his basket. He loves it in there! What are you most excited about this Spring?