Yoga Teacher Training Round Two!

Hi peeps! This past weekend I completed the first workshop in a series of workshops needed to fulfill the 300-hour teacher training program. I am currently registered with Yoga Alliance on the 200-hour level and have the designation of RYT 200. Upon completing this program in December, I will have the opportunity to register on the 500-hour level, and that is one of my biggest goals this year!

SanskritThe workshop was led by an amazing and seasoned yogi in Jacksonville, FL. First, we focused on the Sanskrit Alphabet and learned how to physically use the tongue and mouth to pronounce each letter. She also taught us a few chants, which I’ve managed to remember and continue to chant myself! We repeated the alphabet various times while looking at the colorful poster, and now when I close my eyes, it’s easier for me to remember. I guess I’m a visual learner like that.

We also focused on Yoga Nidra, which is amazing. What is Yoga Nidra? It is described as “yogic sleep,” a state of deep relaxation while maintaining full consciousness. There is a ton of information on Yoga Nidra and I highly recommend people to look into it. I am not a practitioner in this, however after this weekend, I intend to add it to my yoga practice. It is a very beneficial practice for insomnia, reducing stress, increasing energy, just to name a few. If you simply do a Google search on this, you’ll find many articles and research on its benefits. Enjoy!

It’s been a very busy and jam-packed weekend of yoga fun! I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this teacher training. Those of you who are on the fence about taking a teacher training course should really look into the benefits of yoga and becoming a teacher. Actually, it is an incredible life experience even if you don’t want to teach. It’s probably the most beneficial thing I’ve ever done, for myself and for my community. People appreciate the practice and the knowledge you share. I even teach my family who are 1,600 miles away! I hope everyone has dreams and goals that they truly believe in, because it’s such an accomplishment when you find something you are passionate about with your whole heart.

P.S. Here’s baby grasshopper :) Happy Monday!