It’s a chilly day in Florida, probably the coldest it’s been all winter. I’m okay with that. I’m sipping a cup of yummy ginger tea going over my yoga flows for tonight. All whilst Adele is playing softly in the background. Perfect background music for thinking and reflecting. What I enjoy most about teaching yoga is how creative I can be when preparing my sequences. Listening to music while creating sequences is also very inspirational! The beats and lyrics can be used to set the mood of the class or to channel certain asanas or poses to create the perfect flow.

To me, yoga isn’t a workout class. Sure after 10 or more Sun Salutations you’re bound to work up a sweat, but the point isn’t to get toned or to bulk up. Rather, it’s a time and place to focus your energy on the movements of each asana while incorporating the mind and breath to bring you at peace. The muscle toning is just the added benefit. With that said, I’m off to teach some sweet flows!

SidePlank    Bakasana


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